August 8, 2010

L'un part l'autre reste

"...a peek in the house of Charlotte Gainsbourg, she's so chic and quintessentially french!
I was fascinated by the picture of her handwriting. It looks so cute, so french. I wish I could write French like she does."


Judith, said...

leuk gedaan & leuke blog!x

catwalk criminal said...

leuke post ♥

ja ik zat op imo:
maar daar zit ik niet meer op hoor
jij ook dan? Ö

Lindsey95 said...

i like it <3

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

the last photos are gorgeous :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photography xoxo

Anonymous said...


Georgine P. said...

Charlotte Gainsbourg is one of my favourite singers!

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