September 4, 2010

What's not to love?

Yesterday I was still in Paris and now I'm already back home looking at pictures from the wonderful trip. Paris is just one of the most inspiring city's in the world.  At first (before I actually was in Paris) I didn't want to go shopping because I already had buyed a lot during my summer vacation.But I just couldn't resist. So I think I can add something more to the list: The chloé- and repetto boutique, my new pair of heels and all the people who gave me this great inspiration for fall.
photo:idylle text:fashion-filled

p.s. I changed my url from to Affies: please change!


kristy eléna said...

loving this fall inspiration!

thanks for commenting on my blog, Vogue Gone Rogue.

Jin said...

oh my goodness~~ paris?? lucky~~~

thank you!

catwalk criminal said...

your blog is amazing ♥
the pics at the sidebar & all the stuff!
how did you delete the navbar?
i want to delete it too, but i don't
know how :$..


catwalk criminal said...

hihi, je bent nl :$
nu pas door!

Laura said...

Die tas is geweldig. Ik wil ook naar Paris!

Sara said...

Oh now I really really miss Paris. I want to live there in the future! Beautiful post. xo

rebecca said...

oh, i wish i were in paris! love the photos you've chosen as well (:

Madison's Assortment said...

As you said. WHat's not to like?
Visit me:

Bobby said...

hi i have just discovered your blog, love it :)


sophia. said...

zucht, parijs is heeerlijk, ik wil er ook heen! haha.

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